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Family Building: Domestic Newborn Adoption and Gestational Surrogacy

by Marni Denenberg, J.D., B.A.

I started working in the family building field over ten years ago, first in the field of private, newborn infant adoption, and now in the field of gestational surrogacy. Within a few weeks of working at the surrogacy agency I received a call from a family considering both private adoption and surrogacy. They...

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When Your Mom (or Mom-In-Law) Is Your Surrogate

I saw an interesting story last week. The headline read, “54-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth to her Own Granddaughter.” Kelly and Aaron McKissack struggled with infertility for 3 years. Kelly experienced three miscarriages. They had four remaining embryos. Tracey Thompson, Kelly’s mom, understood how painful this experience had been for them and offered to be their surrogate. It had been 30 years since...

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Baby S: Are You My Mother? - A Lesson in Contractual & Parental Responsibility

What makes someone a parent? Is it genetics, adoption, intentions or something else? This question becomes more complicated when families turn to assisted reproductive technology (ART) to conceive children. A Pennsylvania appellate court recently addressed this question in a case called In re Baby S.

In this case, television personality Sherri Shepherd argued that she was not a parent...

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The Questions Raised by the Sherri Shepherd Surrogacy Case

From a legal standpoint, surrogacy cases can be complicated. Have any doubts? Then you’re probably not familiar with the Sherri Shepherd case.

Shepherd is an actress/comedian and sometime co-host of the television show, “The View” and, some would say aptly cast as the wicked stepmother in “Cinderella” on Broadway. Shepherd was also married to a man ...

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Abortion and Selective Reduction Clauses In Surrogacy Contracts: What Every Intended Parent and Surrogate Needs to Know

After years of waiting, hoping, and trying, parenthood is within reach: the IVF worked and your gestational carrier is pregnant. Now, an early prenatal visit reveals that the surrogate is carrying a high-order multiple pregnancy. Instead of the hoped-for singleton pregnancy-or even twins-the physician has detected four fetuses. For another couple, a routine ultrasound at the beginning of the second...

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Surrogacy in India

Surrogacy in India is now only available to those who have been married for a minimum of 2 years.

Therefore those married for less than that time, or living together as a couple, same sex couples or single intended parents are excluded. Those who are married but in a same sex relationship are also excluded.

The policy was put in place...

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California Passes The Most Progressive Surrogacy Bill In The World

Late last year, in reaction to recent incendiary industry scandals and calls to modernize California statutes relating to third party reproduction, Governor Jerry Brown signed California Assembly Bill 1217, which became operative January 1, 2013, as California Family Code Sections 7960 et seq. Efforts to codify California law have been ongoing for two decades without success. Led by the lobbying efforts of Bill...

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