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Choosing a Cryo Bank

If you've choose to create your family through a biological route as opposed to pursuing adoption, one of the first things you'll need to learn all about is Sperm Donation. There are 2 main types of sperm donation: known and unknown donors. Unknown donors can be found through a sperm bank.

Here are our guidelines for working with a Sperm (Cryo)...

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Are Known Donors a Safe Choice?

Last week, the California Court of Appeal for Los Angeles County issued its opinion in Jason P v. Danielle S. In this highly publicized decision, the court allowed a known sperm donor to try to prove his paternity, and the case has sent ripples throughout the world of people who have used - or are thinking about using - known...

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The Library of Congress Misses the Mark with New Donor Subject Heading Addition

The Library of Congress (LC) recently announced that they were adding a subject heading to their catalog entitled, "Children of sperm donors". What is the importance of this announcement? It is the first time there has been an official acknowledgement from a well-known and recognized library institution that children conceived with the assistance of a sperm donor warrant their own...

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