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Catch Some Zzz's, Raise Your Testosterone

There are a lot of good reasons to get enough sleep at night (meaning 7-9 hours for adults). Being sleep-deprived impairs daytime alertness and memory; it leads to mood problems such as anxiety or sadness; it impairs the immune system; and promotes obesity and diabetes. Getting a good night's sleep, in other words, is one of the best things you...

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Circumcision: To Snip or Not to Snip?

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis. It is part of religious custom for Jews and many Muslims, for reasons that have been lost to history. The popularity of circumcision in other groups of men has waxed and waned depending on prevailing notions of health, cleanliness and parental preference. For example, the percentage of US men...

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In the (Bicycle) Saddle, Safely

Bike riding is the ultimate healthy sport, right? Easy on the knees, great for cardio and strength-building, and relatively inexpensive.

Well...yes..all true. But there's one downside to bike riding that has only recently been getting the attention it deserves: Riding can really mess up your sexual functioning.

Here's the problem: Bicycle saddle design has remained virtually static since...

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Sex & Alcohol: Unpredictable Bedfellows

A lot of research suggests that alcohol should be bad for sex. Scientists have measured how alcohol affects penile swelling, vaginal engorgement, time required to achieve orgasm (both during intercourse and masturbation) and vaginal lubrication. The results? Alcohol inhibits all of these sexual responses. Erections are slower to rise and quicker to fall, vaginas are slower to lubricate, and orgasms...

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"Getting" Gardasil

I'm a single mom and until recently I thought I had done a pretty good job of educating my two teenage sons, ages 18 and 21, about sex and sexual health. We never sat down for "big talks" about these subjects. Rather, I tried to weave them into our everyday conversations.

We talked about hormones, wet dreams (a tough one), condom...

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When Hot Tubs Aren’t Such a Hot Idea

Hot tubs can be great…relaxing, soothing, and sometimes romantic. If all a man cares about is sex, then a hot tub can be a perfect aphrodisiac and no harm done. But if he's interested in having sex and fathering children, he'd be wise to go another route and skip the hot tub. How come? Because it turns out that h...

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Eating Right for Better Sex

My patients often ask me what they can do to improve their sex lives. They're surprised with I tell them that one of the best things they can do is watch what they eat. But it's true. After all, as the cliché goes, "You are what you eat." Your body -- including your sex organs -- is maintained by what ...

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Is your Man Tired? No Sex Drive? Check the “T”!

A recent study suggested that about 13 million men in the US alone have a condition that few guys have ever heard of, but which may be causing them some real problems. The condition? Medically, it's called hypogonadism, but it's easier to call it "low testosterone" or just "low T."

Testosterone levels peak around age 20-30 and then start a gradual...

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