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The New Meaning of “Open Adoption”

I read an interesting article that raised some important questions at . The article was about a woman who had twins after IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatment. She had 4 frozen embryos left from her last IVF treatment and she decided she did not want any more children. She chose to...

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Single Dad Alert - Breasts, bras and boys!

Part of a sereies on Single Fathers Raising, Caring For and Talking To Pre-teen Daughters About Their Bodies

Way before breasts begin to appear, like little soft hills on the flat landscape of a girl's flat chest, she will have an awareness that she is different from her brothers and male classmates. It might seem that awareness has always been...

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Nurturing the Nature of My Child

Many of us have been exposed to the argument about what shapes the personality of children, nature or nurture. Nature represents heredity and nurture equals environment in this equation. It is an especially compelling question for those of us who have a child through adoption or through the generosity of a donor. What impact does genetics have? How effective can...

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Filling the Loneliness of My Only Child

Can I have a dog? That is a question my 10 year old daughter asks me frequently. I am sure many of you have gotten this question. Her follow up line is "you know I am an only child and since you can't have any more children a dog would be a great companion for me." Ouch! My kid knows how...

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