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What is the Impact of Infertility on Parenting?

Those of us who have experienced infertility, understand that it may impact us in a myriad of ways. Regardless of the outcome, we may be forever changed by experiencing the infertility journey. The uncertainty of knowing if you will become a parent, can spill over into every aspect of our lives, impacting relationships with partners, family, and friends. What is...

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Listening by Choice

I am well past the age of hoping to get pregnant. In fact, if that actually happened at this point I would probably go off the deep end into insanity. However, I'm still somewhat scarred by my experiences of infertility and even to this day I find myself becoming a little bitter when women talk about when they will...

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CIRCUMCISION: The Current Debate

One of the most common questions I am asked by parents adopting a baby boy is "Does my baby need to be circumcised?"

The answer is not easy and evokes a lot of emotion. Last year in San Francisco, there was a proposal to place on the November election ballot a ban on circumcision of males under 18 years of...

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