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A Second-Class Citizen Muses About His Null and Void Marriage and a History-Making Day

The texts started flowing about a minute after the first Supreme Court decision regarding the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was announced, and they picked back up when Proposition 8 fell as well.

Interestingly, my straight friends were the first out of the gate with their congratulations. Many, not understanding the nature of the ruling, said that they were...

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Really? That's Amazing!!

Really? That's amazing!

That's the number one response we received from physicians when we discussed our outreach program to men living with HIV. The message is simple and extraordinary: with proper care, men living with HIV can have biologically related children. Though this is the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association Annual Conference, and we've been talking with physicians primarily...

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IlluminationsLA 2012

Over 200 people attended Path2Parenthood's fundraiser, IlluminationsLA 2012, celebrating those who have made a difference in the areas of fertility and family building. This year, we recognized Dr. Richard Buyalos of Fertility and Surgical Associates, and Simon Halls of Slate PR.

Hosted by Josh and Lisa Greer at their exquisite Beverly Hills home, it was LA at its best....

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