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Combat Injuries and Male Infertility

By Steven Waxman, M.D., J.D.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade, have resulted in over 50,000 United States combat related injuries. Injuries to the genitals or urinary organs accounted for roughly one in twenty of all these injuries in male troops.

The vast majority of these injuries were puncturing (penetrating) in nature, and...

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Fertility Alert: New Hope For Fatherhood in Men With Klinefelter Syndrome

Chromosomes. They're the thread-like structures found inside the cells of living organisms. The pigeon has 80 chromosomes. A pineapple has 50. But among the factors that make us uniquely human, is the presence of 46 chromosomes. As the cement in the foundation of our bodies, chromosomes contain all of our genes and DNA. The two sex chromosomes (X and Y) are responsible for...

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