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Gay Women's Gathering Comes Back to Brooklyn

I am a Brooklyn girl. Just ask my accent! But seriously, very little in life touches me more than working with the mostly young, unanimously optimistic and vibrantly life-loving lesbian community of my own borough. They bring out the mothering instinct in me and I adore them all. So of course, I'm thrilled that California Cryobank and Path2Parenthood...

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Growing your family: LGBTQ Options

On Saturday, February 22, 2014 Path2Parenthood and Fairfax Cryobank will co-sponsor a family building seminar for LGBTQ families in the Greater Philadelphia area. The seminar will be held at The William Way Community Center in the heart of Philadelphia's gayborhood.

The process of starting your family is one with many questions, options and choices. Our goal is to provide...

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Report from the Gay Women's Gathering in Miami Beach

It was a dark and stormy night. No, really, it was a dark and stormy night! The Gay Women's Gathering in Miami Beach was still about half an hour from beginning, and already many of the women were arriving at the Miami Beach LGBT Visitor Center. Our gracious and charming host, Karen Brown, the Executive Director, was making everyone feel...

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A Second-Class Citizen Muses About His Null and Void Marriage and a History-Making Day

The texts started flowing about a minute after the first Supreme Court decision regarding the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was announced, and they picked back up when Proposition 8 fell as well.

Interestingly, my straight friends were the first out of the gate with their congratulations. Many, not understanding the nature of the ruling, said that they were...

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Lesbian Family Building

Join Path2Parenthood tonight (Wednesday, June 26th) at our Gay Women's Gathering in Los Angeles!! For more information, click here.

Getting Started

Deciding to build a family as a single woman or as a lesbian couple requires planning. Women who have not tried to conceive or who have not been exposed to sperm are not by definition infertile, unless there are...

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Ten Myths about Adoption

Adoption is an emotionally charged topic. Throw in some misinformation and a whopping dose of the stuff tabloids are made of and it's hard to separate myth from fact. So sit back, get comfortable, and learn the truth about building a family through adoption.

1. MYTH: There are no kids to adopt.

FACT: There are children of all ages waiting...

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Really? That's Amazing!!

Really? That's amazing!

That's the number one response we received from physicians when we discussed our outreach program to men living with HIV. The message is simple and extraordinary: with proper care, men living with HIV can have biologically related children. Though this is the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association Annual Conference, and we've been talking with physicians primarily...

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