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An Egg and a Sperm Walk into a Lab

By Brent Monseur, M.D., ScM

One of life’s greatest adventure stories takes place at the microscopic level. Often heralded as a pack of competitive explorers, sperm and their journey to the egg* often seems more like a fairy tale than a biological function. Typically, this reproductive process is portrayed as the proverbial perils a sperm must overcome to s...

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New Study Reveals 25 Million Women in U.S. Lack Access to Infertility Treatment

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, in conjunction with researchers at the University of Michigan, have released a study, offering surprising results about infertility treatment. The study indicated that nearly 40 percent of reproductive aged-women in the United States -approximately 25 million - have limited, or no nearby access, to assisted reproductive technology (ART) clinics. This is challenging news for women and...

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To Speak or Not to Speak- That Is the Question

Fertility clinics are busy places. With that comes doctors and clinical staff who are trying to keep afloat in the sea of patients. As professionals, most of us do our best to provide excellent, personalized care to each patient who walks through our door. In order to do that, we have to rely on the clinical support staff, which is...

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Our Bodies Say No, and Yet We Persist

We all have life-defining moments when we are young, that stay with us. Mine was when I was in third grade. I wanted to be a paleontologist. I spent that year in a gifted science program, creating a timeline, showing the evolution of dinosaurs. My teacher arranged for me to meet a real paleontologist at the world-famous Field Museum. The ...

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How Can You Get the Best Coverage You Can for Infertility Treatment with Your Health Insurance?

There has been much anxiety and debate about health insurance, and what is going to happen during the next few years. One thing you can be sure of is that whatever happens, will impact upon us all, both directly, and indirectly. Men and women who are pursuing infertility treatment may be especially concerned, during this time.

Undergoing infertility treatment is...

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Is It Time to See an R.E.*? Six Give-Away Clues That You’re Stuck in Your Current Care

You may be one of those women who always knew pregnancy wouldn’t come easy. A history of irregular periods, endometriosis, or the ticking of the biological clock may have clued you in to the need for an infertility specialist, such as a *reproductive endocrinologist.

Most women don’t fit into this category, and feel blindsided if they don’t conce...

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