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Male Infertility: Some Thoughts for Inquiring Men Who Want to “Do It Yourself”

With Father's Day fast upon us and June officially designated as Male Reproductive Health Month it makes sense to take a look at the current state of affairs for men who want to reproduce and are having difficulty with the process. A cursory view of popular periodical literature would leave you thinking that the state of male reproductive health must...

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To My Dad

This Father's Day I thought I would share some advice with all of you from my own amazing father who is fighting his own personal battle right now. My dad's mantra is "never quit". I've heard this saying my whole life, especially during the hard times when quitting was all I wanted to do. Those two words truly helped shape...

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Happy (Birth) Father’s Day

Father's Day is fast approaching and with it comes quick trips to the stationery store to find the perfect card for Dad.

This year I've been reading and thinking about the role of birth fathers a lot and have been heartened to find an assortment of birth father cards at the store. One of my favorites is the slightly...

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Single Dad Alert - Breasts, bras and boys!

Part of a sereies on Single Fathers Raising, Caring For and Talking To Pre-teen Daughters About Their Bodies

Way before breasts begin to appear, like little soft hills on the flat landscape of a girl's flat chest, she will have an awareness that she is different from her brothers and male classmates. It might seem that awareness has always been...

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Are There Any Men Listening?

When I was asked by The AFA to author a blog in recognition of National Men's Health Month I immediately thought what a wonderful idea - to reach out, during this month that promotes male physical and mental health, to men who are experiencing within their marriages the pain and stress of infertility (male, female, or unexplained), and the coincident...

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Keep Smiling Daddy

I don't get to see my father very often. I knew this would be the case when we moved 900 miles away from what used to be a five minute drive to my parent's house. Now we rely on telephone calls, IM's and video chat, in order to keep in touch.

It's hard when the special days roll around,...

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