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Forward on Safer Chemicals, One Way or the Other

Wednesday's successful Senate vote on the Safe Chemicals Act was an important milestone by any measure. It was the first vote on a comprehensive overhaul of our chemical safety system in 36 years. It means the bill can now move to the full Senate. There are scheduling and political challenges to that, to be sure, but there is no reason those...

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Summer Conundrum - Sun Screens and Fertility

The Dilemma

I care about my skin; after all being an actress makes you more aware of sun damage (haven't you noticed the flawless complexions of Cate Blanchett and Meryl Streep?). I want to know what kind of sunscreen they use! My friend and cast mate Marcia Cross (another flawless complexion) turned me on to a French sunscreen called La Roche-Posay...

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