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Acupuncture and Pain Relief for Endometriosis

By Drs. Jennifer Chen, Yalda Afshar and Carolyn Alexander

Endometriosis was first described in the mid-19th century. It is a benign gynecological condition where endometrial glands and stroma grow outside of the uterus. It is a disease dependent on hormones, thus manifesting mostly in reproductive-age women.

Estrogen’s role in endometriosis is well-established. It is known that women w...

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Can your sunscreen cause endometriosis?

Just in time for summer, a new report links a widely-used and highly-effective sunscreen ingredient to an increased risk for women of being diagnosed with endometriosis, a leading cause of infertility. The ingredient, benzophenone or BP, is a UV-filter commonly found in a wide variety of popular sunscreens, spanning all price points and SPF levels from 15 up.

The study,...

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