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How to Cope When Couples Have Different Ideas about Infertility Treatment

As a licensed clinical social worker, I have spent a lot of time counseling couples experiencing infertility. Many people get focused on the medical and physical aspects of infertility treatment. They often don’t recognize the emotional challenges imposed, when infertility occurs. When couples receive the diagnosis of infertility a cascade of emotions may emerge. These can include, anger, sadness, g...

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How to Handle the Holidays

No matter how you slice it, the holiday season can be tough. Expectations often outweigh the reality, old family dynamics can re-emerge, and the focus on kids can be extremely painful for those experiencing their own fertility challenge.

However, you are not helpless under these circumstances. There are ways you can take care of yourself while getting through the season....

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The Relationship Between Religion and Infertility

When we are faced with infertility, the number of challenges which arise can be staggering. Infertility tests us physically, emotionally, and financially. It can also stress our relationships with others. One arena which can be deeply impacted upon by infertility are beliefs, spirituality, and religion. This piece of the infertility pie is discussed less often than the others, yet for...

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Letting Go of the Pill

I recently kicked a staple of mine. It was the only steadfast element in my makeup bag for over a decade and a half.

My bright blue plastic birth control pack weighed maybe an ounce. But, now that it’s gone, I know it weighed so much more.

It was my safety blanket—but what I’m just learning is how m...

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Repairing Your Relationship With Your Partner When Facing Infertility

Regardless of how your infertility journey ends, it is certain that it will alter many aspects of your life as you know it. Infertility impacts your self-identity, self-esteem, body image, and relationships with your family and friends. It affects both individuals and couples. Perhaps most significantly, even if your relationship with your partner is strong, it will undoubtedly be affected...

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Getting Through Mother's Day When Your Sister (Or Sister-In-Law) Is Pregnant

Anyone who has ever gone through infertility knows that the news of other people’s pregnancies can be difficult. It can be upsetting and unnerving to learn that someone else has gone from “not pregnant” to “pregnant” when you haven’t.

While any pregnancy news may jolt you, some pregnancies can be harder to bear than others. High on the list ar...

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