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Laura Linney and my own stupid musings

Recent headlines about Laura Linney giving birth at age 49 have sent my mind swirling, yet again, to a very distant time.

I grew up in a 1950's household consisting of two parents, two grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, all in one house. Brooklyn was different then, as was everything. Some things were better and some things much, much worse, but...

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The (Slightly) Older Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant

Are you losing one egg a month or millions? What's important for women in their late thirties and beyond to know about their pregnancy potential? Sandy Goodman, M.D., of Reproductive Medicine Group, Tampa, discusses everything from weight to current recommendations for treatment options in this short video, The (Slightly) Older Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant. This...

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How Many Eggs Do I Have Left?

Carla M. DiGirolamo, M.D., Ph.D. of RSC of New England discusses how to anticipate fertility issues down the road in this video, sponsored by Attain Fertility Centers. To view other educational Path2Parenthood videos, check out our YouTube Library.

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Blogs We Love This Week – October 26th edition

Welcome to the weekend! With so many unbelievably interesting writers contributing to our knowledge base out there, Path2Parenthood has decided to devote our end-of week blog each week to some of the other blogs we adore. The content featured in this weekly shout-out will be as interesting and diverse as our readership. Get cozy and click away. - Corey...

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The infertility work-up: a guide for lesbians

When couples decide that yes, it's time to have a baby, many excitedly set the stage for that first, heady, baby-making sexual encounter with a candle-lit dinner, soft, romantic music, and fingers crossed. For hopeful moms who are lesbians however, that scene might look a little different.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, same-sex households have increased by...

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Speaking Out and Sharing in Our Advanced Maternal Age

For the past five years I had a sense that something was different about my experience with having and raising young children. I'd talk about my age a lot, much more than any time in my life. Was that unusual? Many women stop talking about their age after 30, 35 and certainly by 40. Why did I feel the need to blurt out...

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Older Mothers: Who is Too Old and Dr. Oz

I was channel surfing this week and landed on the Dr. Oz show. The topic of the show was "When are you too old to become a mother?" That title certainly made me stop and listen. This article on Dr. Oz's website interestingly points out that according to the Centers for Disease Control "the only group of women to show...

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Thirty-something and the clock is ticking

A Book Review by Maria Portella:

'Thirty-something and the clock is ticking' by Kasey Edwards

I came across this book completely by chance - I had previoulsy ignored an article about it in one of those trashy gossip style magazines dismissing it as 'just another sensationalist IVF story'. But a month later 'accidentally' I bought the book that the article was...

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