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The Complexity of Rehoming

A recent story on WABC TV’s news show, 20/20, brought the concept of “adoption rehoming” into the public eye. It has created quite a firestorm. The definition of “adoption rehoming” is a family, who has adopted a child and chooses to place him or her into another home. This often occurs when an adopted child displays severe behavioral problems.


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How Adoptive Families Can Prepare for National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month and celebrates adoption, adoptees, birth and adoptive families. There are national education campaigns, governmental advocacy efforts and state Adoption Days, all focused on building and strengthening adoptive families.

For adoptive families, the focus on how they became a family has its pros and cons.

Celebrating how they were able to build or enlarge their family...

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Who Is A Parent?

A really good question! This age of political correctness demands us to use terms that accurately reflect the reality of the referenced situation. Hence, the uproar some years ago when adoptive parents took issue with the term "real" parent in reference to the birthparents, as if adoptive parents are... fake? Wikipedia defines "parent" without any prefix or qualifier, as "a...

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My Journey to Motherhood: What I Always Thought…

It was ten years ago that my quest to have a biological child came to an end.

I had given it my all. Five rounds of IVF, three pregnancies, three miscarriages and $82,000 in non-insurance covered medical bills.

Why did I stop the biological quest?

I stopped (we stopped) because we'd had enough.

I had experienced enough emotional and physical pain,...

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Brad and Angelina Tie the Knot

I'm not one of those people who swoon over actors and actresses or even follow entertainment news. However, when the marriage of Brad and Angelina was announced, I had to watch to see how the media would identify their children.

Sure as shootin' - one network mentioned their adopted children as part of the ceremony. Really? How was adoption part...

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The Role of Your Adoption Attorney

You know you cannot adopt without legal guidance, but have you ever wondered what, exactly, your adoption attorney does to facilitate the process? Here's a step-by-step guide that explains the process.

Domestic Private Adoption

Approval - An adoption attorney assists with paperwork and court representation where required by state. Home study and clearances are performed by a social...

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Will My Illness Stop Me From Adopting?

With the recent adoption of Zoey by Bill Klein and Dr. Jennifer Arnold, stars of the popular television series, The Little Couple, many people have wondered if health issues impede one's ability to be able to adopt. Dr. Arnold's battle with cancer has been well documented on the show and she is, thankfully, in remission from gestational trophoblastic neoplasm stage 3...

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International Adoption Update Part Two

On March 21, 2014, the U.S. State Department released their international adoption statistics from 2013. It was not a surprise to anyone that the numbers have continued to decrease, with little over 7,000 adoptions completed. Before we bemoan the numbers going down, let's take a moment to celebrate that 7,000 children found families who needed them so desperately! You can read the report here...

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