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Shame Shame Shame

Can you imagine waving good bye to your son as he gets on the school bus for his first day of school and never seeing him again? A parent's worst fear--losing a child.

Well, that is what happened to Encarnacion Bail Romero, an illegal Guatemalan immigrant, when a lower Missouri court ruled in favor of the Mosers, the adoptive family....

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Speaking Out and Sharing in Our Advanced Maternal Age

For the past five years I had a sense that something was different about my experience with having and raising young children. I'd talk about my age a lot, much more than any time in my life. Was that unusual? Many women stop talking about their age after 30, 35 and certainly by 40. Why did I feel the need to blurt out...

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What Is Open Adoption?

Dawn Smith-Pliner Talks to Carolyn Berger

Carolyn: Can you give me a definition of "open adoption"? It seems to mean different things to different people.

Dawn: Open adoption is an adoption in which there is a relationship between the biological and adoptive family that includes the child.

Carolyn: How you create an open adoption so that the child...

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Independent Adoption as an Option

After deciding to pursue domestic adoption as the way to build a family, adoptive parents will confront the question of whether they should try to locate their child through an adoption agency, or independently, without the assistance of an adoption agency.

Independent (sometimes called private-placement or direct placement) adoption is an attractive choice for many reasons. Too often prospective...

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International Adoption Update

While rewarding for children and families, inter-country adoption also has its challenges. For the adoptive family, each country has its own set of eligibility requirements, timelines, policies and procedures - and all are subject to change and change they have! Staying updated on the ever altering landscape of inter-country adoption is not easy, but there are always children in need...

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