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Will My Illness Stop Me From Adopting?

With the recent adoption of Zoey by Bill Klein and Dr. Jennifer Arnold, stars of the popular television series, The Little Couple, many people have wondered if health issues impede one's ability to be able to adopt. Dr. Arnold's battle with cancer has been well documented on the show and she is, thankfully, in remission from gestational trophoblastic neoplasm stage 3...

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International Adoption Update Part Two

On March 21, 2014, the U.S. State Department released their international adoption statistics from 2013. It was not a surprise to anyone that the numbers have continued to decrease, with little over 7,000 adoptions completed. Before we bemoan the numbers going down, let's take a moment to celebrate that 7,000 children found families who needed them so desperately! You can read the report here...

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“Will She Really Love Us? Will We Really Love Her? Common Worries of Adoptive Parents”

Parenting is an exciting and complex journey filled with various demands and many emotions: joy, happiness, anger, confusion and worry, to name just a few. All parents worry. Worrying is part of what parents do. Adoptive parents face multiple layers of challenges and a mosaic of worries unique to adoptive parenting. Although their worries are normal and expected reactions to...

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Re-homing Adopted Children Damages Us All

The recent Huffington Post article on "Re-Homing" detailed the stories of several American families, who, after adopting children from overseas, found they could not parent them. Instead of turning to the adoption community for assistance in finding new homes for these children, they turned to the internet for a solution.

To use such a tool to find homes for children...

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Listening by Choice

I am well past the age of hoping to get pregnant. In fact, if that actually happened at this point I would probably go off the deep end into insanity. However, I'm still somewhat scarred by my experiences of infertility and even to this day I find myself becoming a little bitter when women talk about when they will...

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China’s Pathway to Parenthood

For over ten years, with the exception of 2008, China has placed more children into the United States than any other country in the world. Over 50,000 children have found loving homes in this time period. However, much has changed over those ten years in the adoption process. Still, there are thousands of infants, toddlers, and older children waiting for families in...

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So What About Dad? Creating Space for Birth Fathers in Adoption Stories

Birth fathers, even if unknown, influence the lives of adopted children. However, birth fathers are rarely considered important in adoption stories. In the absence of factual information, adoptees develop fantasies, which are imaginative stories about their birth fathers. Adopted children create these imaginative stories, filled with internal images, thoughts and feelings, so they can wonder about the birth father-- his...

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Adoption: The Power of Support

It has been over twenty years since I set out to adopt a child. One thing that hasn't changed since then is the importance of creating your own adoption support network.

With the right support you will come through the adoption journey with your mental health intact and a vast array of professionals and friends you can call...

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Ten Myths about Adoption

Adoption is an emotionally charged topic. Throw in some misinformation and a whopping dose of the stuff tabloids are made of and it's hard to separate myth from fact. So sit back, get comfortable, and learn the truth about building a family through adoption.

1. MYTH: There are no kids to adopt.

FACT: There are children of all ages waiting...

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CIRCUMCISION: The Current Debate

One of the most common questions I am asked by parents adopting a baby boy is "Does my baby need to be circumcised?"

The answer is not easy and evokes a lot of emotion. Last year in San Francisco, there was a proposal to place on the November election ballot a ban on circumcision of males under 18 years of...

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