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Why Open Adoption?

There are many questions that birth parents and adoptive parents have to consider as they are preparing for their adoption journey. Some of the questions are easier than others to answer and some are very personal and don’t need the approval of the other family. One of the most important questions, and one where the birth family and adoptive f...

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Who Do You Wish to Adopt?

Twenty-six years ago when I was deciding to adopt, I realized I had many decisions to make.

One of the first things my adoption attorney asked me to do was to picture the child I hoped to adopt:Was I looking for a baby of my own race or was I open to other races? How did I feel about...

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The Modern Rise of Open Adoption

By Maxine Chalker

Approximately 135,000 children are adopted every year in the United States, encompassing adoptions out of the foster system, international countries, and domestic placements – with a significant number of open adoption cases taking place every year. An open adoption typically occurs when the birth parent(s), and sometimes their extended families, remain in the child’s life in some agr...

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National Adoption Month 2017

Each year in the United States over 110,000 children in foster care wait for permanent families, while approximately 18,000 are adopted through private adoptions and 5,000 through international adoption.

Governor Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts started Adoption Week in 1976 in an effort to promote awareness of children waiting for permanent homes. President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the first National Adoption Week in 1984 and finally, National...

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Celebrating National Adoption Month

By Rita Soronen

Every child deserves a safe, loving, and permanent family. That is the simple, yet profound motivation behind National Adoption Month. Celebrated across North America each November, this special month of awareness helps to increase the number of families considering adoption, and celebrates the joys of creating families through foster care adoption.

National Adoption Month not only gives...

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The Roads from Infertility to Adoption

How does a couple or individual take the leap from fertility treatment to adoption? I used to think the process unfolded predictably: A couple tried for a biological child until the options or the money ran out. They mourned the biological child they might have had, then looked to adoption. Sounds so simple. If only it were!

I was not...

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What to Consider When Preparing for Adoption

Choosing adoption as a way to build your family is unique in the sense that at the end of the process the vast majority of people will be successful and emerge as parents, if they persevere. That is not to say that there won’t be ups and downs and challenges along the way. The adoption emotional roller coaster offers m...

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Family Building: Domestic Newborn Adoption and Gestational Surrogacy

by Marni Denenberg, J.D., B.A.

I started working in the family building field over ten years ago, first in the field of private, newborn infant adoption, and now in the field of gestational surrogacy. Within a few weeks of working at the surrogacy agency I received a call from a family considering both private adoption and surrogacy. They...

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