Blogs We Love This Week – October 26th edition

Welcome to the weekend! With so many unbelievably interesting writers contributing to our knowledge base out there, Path2Parenthood has decided to devote our end-of week blog each week to some of the other blogs we adore. The content featured in this weekly shout-out will be as interesting and diverse as our readership. Get cozy and click away. - Corey Whelan

I Breathe…I'm Hungry: Shrimp and Chorizo "Dirty Rice," Low Carb and Gluten Free Mellissa Sevigny, blogger.

Certain types of infertility are absolutely impacted upon by food. Sevigny's daily blog offers up low-carb, gluten-free recipes that are beyond delicious as well as fertility-friendly. This one for Shrimp and Chorizo "Dirty Rice" relies on cauliflower as a rice substitute and is a perfect, cool-weather crowd pleaser. This blog is book-mark worthy for anyone with PCOS or Celiac Disease.

Sister Haiti, Uganda Mama: October 10th…… Sister Haiti, blogger.

I adore this twentysomething wife, mom, nanny and caregiver, who has been swimming in the waters of adoption for most of her life. Sister Haiti is an orphan & adoption advocate and her story spans many miles and many heartaches as well as uncountable smiles and hugs. For anyone called to adopt children with special needs or for those interested in international adoption, this blog will educate, amuse and touch your heart.

A Woman My Age - Buddhist with an Edge: Toddler vrs. Midlife Crisis Deathstar44, blogger

There is nothing like a success story. Despite her handle, this blog chronicles the adventures of a gentle woman who became a mom at 45 through the miracle of adoption, after undergoing infertility treatment in another country. This particular entry resonated with me greatly, as someone who became a mom after infertility treatment. I personally had a hard time letting myself be human once I became a mom because of all I had gone through (how dare I be tired, stressed out, need to be alone, fill in your own personal blanks). If you're over 40 and contemplating motherhood, you'll enjoy these stories.

Not a Fertile Myrtle - Desire of My Heart Suzy, blogger.

This is an older entry of Suzy's, but if you don't know Suzy, Ike and their little owl, roll up your sleeves and get to.

Got a story to tell or a blog you love? You know where to find me. Happy weekend my friends. And happy reading.

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