Blogs We Love This Week – Nov. 2nd edition

This was quite a week, especially for those of us on the East Coast. Path2Parenthood hopes our end-of-week wrap up blog finds you and your families safe and well. Whether you will be spending the weekend cleaning up from Sandy's wrath or participating in the NYC Marathon, we wish you and yours nothing but easy days ahead. Here are some blogs that helped to divert us this week - Corey Whelan

I have endometriosis but I don't understand this disease: Attain Fertility

The Attain Fertility blog, like Path2Parenthood features a compendium of writers. This particular entry, written by Dr. Colleen Casey gives solid, easy to understand information about endometriosis and its possible causes and symptoms.

Hurricane Sandy and the Aftermath: Redefining Rebbetzin

An interesting blog written by two hot mammas who happen to be the wives of future Rabbis, this particular entry gives information on how to support victims of Sandy.

Halloween Butterfly: Two Moms - It Can Be Done

Cute photo alert. This blog entry is mostly Halloween photos of adorable children. I follow this very personal blog and love it this week because this was the Halloween that wasn't in New York. It's nice to see some kids enjoying themselves and gives us all hope that next year's Halloween will be sweeter for those who missed out on it this year.

My "Pretend" Boyfriend: Adventures in Infertility and (Divorce) Land

Infertility, T2 baby loss, divorce and adoption as a single woman. Plus a really cute tattooed boy. A very human story, a very honest story-teller.

Got a story to tell or a blog you love? You know where to find me. Be well and safe, my friends. And happy reading.

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