Author: Naomi Cahn

Why Do You Need a Lawyer, Anyway?

Why Do You Need a Lawyer, Anyways?

As you travel through your journey towards parenthood, talking to a lawyer may not be at the top of your list - medical professionals, your insurance company, a support group - but attorneys? Yet, particularly when you are using donated eggs, sperm or embryos, surrogacy, or are not married, an attorney may...

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Are Known Donors a Safe Choice?

Last week, the California Court of Appeal for Los Angeles County issued its opinion in Jason P v. Danielle S. In this highly publicized decision, the court allowed a known sperm donor to try to prove his paternity, and the case has sent ripples throughout the world of people who have used - or are thinking about using - known...

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How to Choose an Infertility Attorney

As you undertake your journey towards a child, it may become appropriate to seek legal advice. In this column, we want to give you tools to help you decide about various issues that are involved in working with an attorney.

Do you need an attorney?

An attorney can help you wade through any legal issues that may be involved in...

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The Disclosure Discussion

The headline says it all: "Sperm Donor Siblings Find Family Ties" (60 Minutes, March 19, 2006,

As the number of people choosing to use donor eggs or sperm increases, there are more families united by having used the same donor. While some parents still do not disclose how their offspring were conceived, parents...

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Author: Naomi Cahn

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