Author: Kelly Kronmiller

Letting Go of the Pill

I recently kicked a staple of mine. It was the only steadfast element in my makeup bag for over a decade and a half.

My bright blue plastic birth control pack weighed maybe an ounce. But, now that it’s gone, I know it weighed so much more.

It was my safety blanket—but what I’m just learning is how m...

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Flaunting that belly or hiding a cheeseburger?

How many times have you read a headline including the words, “flaunting that baby belly,” recently? It’s everywhere. A pregnant celebrity can’t be in public without ‘news’ of how she’s flaunting the belly dolled up on a red carpet or showing off the bump, even when running errands in camo zpants literally trying not to be noticed.


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My Experience with Fertility Diagnostic Testing

-Prenatal vitamins. Check.

-Downloading an ovulation app to track my cycles. Check.

-More yoga and attempting to meditate. Check…well, definite increase in wearing yoga pants, check.

-Ripping apart the medicine cabinet to check ingredient lists—goodbye for now, my beloved retinoids. Check.

-Fertility diagnostic testing. Check.

I am part of a growing trend of wom...

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Author: Kelly Kronmiller

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