Author: Joann Galst

Handling the Holidays

No matter how you slice it, the holiday season can be tough. Expectations often outweigh the reality, old family dynamics can re-emerge, and the focus on kids can be extremely painful for those experiencing their own fertility challenge.

However, you are not helpless under these circumstances. There are ways you can take care of yourself while getting through the...

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A Dozen Myths of Parenting After Infertility

The anticipated joy of parenthood when so long awaited, can create expectations that can be rather unrealistic, both of ourselves and our children. Following are twelve common myths of parenting after experiencing a fertility challenge:

1. Once I have a child I won't even remember our infertility.

The pain of experiencing infertility runs very deep. Although never forgotten,...

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When You Come to a Fork in the Road...

Now, just as Yogi Berra implied, when you reach that fork in the road, you are expected to make a choice and make a move. It can be useful for couples experiencing fertility challenges to discuss their feelings about various family building options and develop a tentative Plan B before reaching their treatment limit to remove the pressure of feeling...

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Author: Joann Galst

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