Author: Heather Ross

Post-Election Legal Safeguards LGBT Families Must Take


Initiate a step-parent adoption or parentage order and obtain a court order, even if both names are on the birth certificate. Obtain a passport for your child with BOTH parents name listed on the passport. Make sure BOTH parents names are listed on your child’s social security number record. Obtain gender marker revisions t...

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Remember to Vote!

Your vote matters. Make sure you vote, and make sure you are knowledgeable about each political candidate’s position on the right to parent and reproductive choice. The outcome of this election could detrimentally affect the parental status of same sex couples as well as the ability of doctors to offer family building options through assisted reproductive technology (“ART”) to all h...

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How to Choose an Infertility Attorney

As you undertake your journey towards a child, it may become appropriate to seek legal advice. In this column, we want to give you tools to help you decide about various issues that are involved in working with an attorney.

Do you need an attorney?

An attorney can help you wade through any legal issues that may be involved in...

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Author: Heather Ross

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