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But Can We Afford It? How to Pay for Infertility Treatment

You want a family, despite depressing headlines and a less than robust economy, and have decided not to wait. That’s a smart choice. Delaying your dream of parenthood might compound already-existing issues regarding your fertility, as you continue to get older. Of course, treatments like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and the fertility medications you’ll need are expensive, particularly if ...

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Pain Medication: The Latest Fertility Don't

Infertility is enough to give anybody a headache, but reaching for common pain relief medications may make it worse.

A new study, presented at the European League Against Rheumatism Annual Congress in Rome and reported in Science Daily, shows that non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can inhibit ovulatory function in women.

The University of Baghdad study followed 39 women of child—bearing a...

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Laura Linney and my own stupid musings

Recent headlines about Laura Linney giving birth at age 49 have sent my mind swirling, yet again, to a very distant time.

I grew up in a 1950's household consisting of two parents, two grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, all in one house. Brooklyn was different then, as was everything. Some things were better and some things much, much worse, but...

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Gay Women's Gathering Comes Back to Brooklyn

I am a Brooklyn girl. Just ask my accent! But seriously, very little in life touches me more than working with the mostly young, unanimously optimistic and vibrantly life-loving lesbian community of my own borough. They bring out the mothering instinct in me and I adore them all. So of course, I'm thrilled that California Cryobank and Path2Parenthood...

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Empty Arms on Mother's Day

For all too many women, the most dreaded day of the year is Mother's Day. On this particular Sunday the thought of attending Church, or even of spending time with one's own mother might seem to be an impossible task.

In the United States 12% of women of reproductive age, or roughly one in 8 couples, are considered to be infertile....

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Hoochie Mama

Today, I simply want to send baby dust to all my brave TTC and TTA girls.

Today, I want you to be bold

Be brave

Hold your head up

Dry your tears, or wear them proudly

March into your doctor's office like you own the place

March into your life like you own that, too. Because you do


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In Case You Missed It

I recently did a Pinterest workshop and learned, among tons of other things, about ICYMI. This particular acryonym, ulike my own overutilized LOL's, BFF's and TTYL's was previously unknown to me, but I found out how highly used it is by content purveyors web-wide who want to make sure their followers never miss a thing of interest. So I got...

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Your infertility checklist for 2013

For men and women grappling with the pain of infertility, the start of the New Year may signal an optimistic, new beginning or conversely, serve as a painful reminder that their goal of parenthood has not been met. No matter which end of the spectrum you find yourself falling on, you are not alone. With the start of the new...

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Author: Corey Whelan

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