Author: Carolyn Berger

The Roads from Infertility to Adoption

How does a couple or individual take the leap from fertility treatment to adoption? I used to think the process unfolded predictably: A couple tried for a biological child until the options or the money ran out. They mourned the biological child they might have had, then looked to adoption. Sounds so simple. If only it were!

I was not...

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Understanding Trans Adoption – My Personal Journey

The first step toward understanding trans adoption was, for me, the awareness of how little I knew about it. Slowly, I got to understand it better through talking with adoption agency workers, attorneys and trans men and women themselves.

I became more proficient with the vocabulary of gender: I am cisgender, a person whose gender identity matches the biological sex...

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In this holiday season of bright lights, glitter and feel-good television commercials—alongside disturbing instances of domestic and international terrorism-- I find myself searching the landscape for things that are real, authentic, and positive. Things that feed the soul.

The movie, “Lion,” provides just such an experience. It is based on a true story about an Indian boy, Saroo (played by De...

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Our Blended Family

I’m the parent of a child I gave birth to, and a child I adopted. They are 27 and 23, respectively.

I was a veteran of fertility treatment when I entered the world of adoption. I quickly learned there was a language of adoption. People talked of “placing” a child rather than giving up a child. A “situation” was an adoption prospect,...

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Adoption: The Power of Support

It has been over twenty years since I set out to adopt a child. One thing that hasn't changed since then is the importance of creating your own adoption support network.

With the right support you will come through the adoption journey with your mental health intact and a vast array of professionals and friends you can call...

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Rufus Wainwright builds a family

On August 23rd Rufus Wainwright will be marrying his partner of five years, Jorn Weisbrodt, out in Montauk, Long Island.

I've always liked Rufus Wainwright's music, but only became interested in his family building story after I saw him in concert in July.

The show opened with Adam Cohen, son of the legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, and...

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Positive Adoption Language: Why It's So Important

Words have the power to shape the way we feel about things. The words we choose when we talk about adoption affect us all, whether we are adoptive parents, birthparents, adopted children, or anyone else whose life is touched by adoption-and that includes just about everyone.

When we talk about how a flower smells, we can use the word ...

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Are You (Almost) Ready to Adopt?

How many people trying to get pregnant can say they are truly ready to have a baby? I don't have statistics on this, but between the people I know and the patients I've seen, very few first-time parents know what they are getting into. Our babies come home and life as we know it is changed forever. We spend years...

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Author: Carolyn Berger

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