Leading-Edge Resource Aims to Educate Infertility Patients on Their Options

Infertility is an unexpected obstacle for many people, and the journey can be unpredictable. Patients may find themselves at a crossroads after multiple failed attempts with fertility treatments, and begin to look for other options. Path2Parenthood (P2P), a national non-profit organization which provides educational resources and support to men and women, especially those trying to conceive, and Fertility SOURCE Companies, one of the largest and most comprehensive egg donor and surrogacy programs in the country, are partnering together to provide a one-stop-shop for patients looking for information on donor egg cycles.

With the help of a grant from Fertility SOURCE Companies, Path2Parenthood created a comprehensive fact sheet, embedded with an informational video on transitioning from In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to a donor egg IVF cycle. This decision can be overwhelming, and this fact sheet aims to help lessen the burden on patients by providing information on the medical procedure, legal aspects that come with choosing an egg donor, and psychological support.

"The educational information included in this video and fact sheet is invaluable to our intended parents transitioning from a traditional IVF cycle to an egg donor," says Susan Bloom, Director of Donor Recruitment for The Fertility SOURCE Companies. "The best ammunition we can give our intended parents is knowledge and education about the process they are about to undertake, along with the resources to have all their medical and legal questions answered." Bloom continues, "at Fertility SOURCE Companies, we pride ourselves in the guidance we give our intended parents every step of the way, from matching them with a donor to their IVF transfer."

Path2Parenthood is committed to supporting men and women in creating their families by continually providing updated educational material and outreach events on infertility prevention, reproductive health and family building. Path2Parenthood's website features an extensive online library, weekly newsletter, webinars and toll-free help line which are part of the many tools available to consumers free of charge.

"Because of the generous support of Fertility SOURCE Companies, Path2Parenthood is able to continue to provide first-rate education for infertility patients," says Ken Mosesian, Executive Director for Path2Parenthood. "The family building journey has many inherent challenges, and our goal is to provide educational support to intended parents so they can make informed decisions with confidence."

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Path2Parenthood, a 501 (c) (3) national non-profit organization is a lifetime resource for infertility prevention, reproductive health and family building. Path2Parenthood services and materials are provided free of charge to consumers and available to everyone without reservation. These services include an extensive online library, monthly webinars, telephone and in-person coaching, a resource directory, daily fertility news and a toll-free support line.
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Fertility Source Companies has one of the largest and most comprehensive egg donor and surrogacy programs in the country… creating pathways to parenthood. The agency's commitment is to provide the most compassionate and skilled care to couples seeking third-party assisted reproduction services. Fertility SOURCE Companies has a local presence in a growing number of metro areas, across the United States.
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