Ball Handling 101: How to Avoid (The C Word)

Urologist Nerds Drinking Beer Episode One:

Testicular cancer - cancer in your balls - is the most common cancer in 15-to-35 year old men, AND it's almost always curable if you catch it early. The easiest way is to check your balls once a month.

Testicular Self Exam Pointers

  • Go for it right after a hot shower when the scrotum (the skin covering your testicles) is relaxed.
  • Check out one ball at a time.
  • Put your thumb on top and other fingers behind your testicle and roll it with some pressure.
  • You'll feel the epididymis (sperm-carrying tube), which will be soft and sort of ropey at the top of the back of each testicle. It will be tender to the touch and is a normal lump.
  • Feel around for lumps and bumps that are the size of a grain of rice or a pea
  • Check for swelling or changes in the size or color of your testicles.
  • Is there any pain or aches? Any lumps, bumps, or changes in the size or color of your balls? If so, go see a doctor right away.

Mark McGrath and the Urologist Nerds Drinking Beer Series

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