Athletes on Steroids and Lesbians Behaving Badly

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Athletes on Steroids and Lesbians Behaving Badly June 2014

World Cup Fever has seized New York, where I live, and the entire country, it seems. I love soccer, always have. My dad played for Poland in the years leading up to WWII, an astonishing feat for a Jew. Of course in those days, performance enhancing steroids did not exist. According to The New York Times' drippingly sarcastic piece quoting FIFA, this year's bad boys of soccer are innocent of steroid use and doping, and not one has tested positive for any type of performance enhancing drug. I trust the Times but am hoping that FIFA is reporting this story accurately. We've seen the downfall of too many sports heroes who have sacrificed their integrity for the win and shudder to think about what they've done to their fertility and overall health in the process.

Path2Parenthood, along with our colleagues on the Male Reproductive Health Alliance, have long led the charge against fertility-mutilating steroid use and doping among teenagers and young men. As Men's Reproductive Health Month comes to a close, we are reminded of how much work there still is to be done, for the next hopeful generation of dads. If there is a wannabe dad in your life, please contact us for our free handbook, Male Reproductive Health: One Step At A Time, and make sure they read our articles on men's reproductive health and steroid use.

June is also Gay Pride Month. This year's Pride found Path2Parenthood in Brooklyn, NY and Nashville, TN. Brooklyn brought us back in contact with friendly faces like Lainie Stein, who stopped at our booth with baby carriage in tow. According to Lainie, the very first scrap of information she ever received on building her family as a single lesbian was from Path2Parenthood at Brooklyn Pride, four years ago. Our booth in Nashville was manned by Meredith Carr, who heads up Path2Parenthood's work on HIV and family building, thanks to a generous grant from the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Well, our boys may have lost to Germany but soccer fever will continue to reign, as the U.S. advances to the knockout stage. Whether you're taking a TTC break and having a beer while watching the games, or sitting the World Cup out completely, we wish you a wonderful (and healthy) end-of-June. And as always, happy reading.


Path2Parenthood Editor

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