Advancing Men's Reproductive Health in the United States

This report contains a summary of presentations and discussions from the meeting, "Advancing Men's Reproductive Health in the United States: Current Status and Future Directions." The meeting was originally planned to help CDC staff and our Federal colleagues gain insights into the emerging areas of public health activities related to male reproductive health.

What began as a "brown bag" seminar for CDC staff quickly developed into a one-day meeting of scientists, program managers, and clinicians. Through word-of-mouth, the Meeting Planning Committee received emails and calls from professionals asking to be included as attendees. Many understood neither CDC nor other Federal agencies could offer any form of travel reimbursement or subsidy. With the assistance of CDC staff members, the meeting venue and logistics were changed to accommodate almost 100 people within less than 4 weeks.

Since the meeting, many have requested a meeting summary that could be shared with other public health professionals. The Meeting Planning Committee requested this document be prepared for wider distribution and use. Thanks to the cooperation of speakers and others, this document was prepared. An electronic version of the report is scheduled for release at